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“We saw more and more businesses beginning to recognise that traditional contracting doesn’t work. Programme leaders were searching for alternative ways to secure programme improvements and we knew they could look to us to for the keys to success. And so JCP Consultancy was born.”

Simon Vaughan, JCP Director

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JCP was formed almost 30 years ago, beginning life as the John Carlisle Partnership where the focus was largely on providing tools and methodologies to help teams working in the North Sea oil field to work more efficiently together. This ground-breaking work at the time enabled businesses to begin to grasp the possibilities and opportunities afforded by collaborative working.

The transformative ideas and methodologies continued over the following decades, as leaders and project managers in more and more sectors began to look to JCP Consultancy for support. Over the years, some of the UK's largest companies and projects have worked with us to unlock the rewards of effective collaboration and sustainable business relationships, benefiting from:

  • Projects that finish ahead of time
  • Better profits
  • Innovating more effectively
  • Delivering better quality
  • Stronger relationships
  • Winning more work

An important part of JCP’s rich heritage is the Cooperation & Beyond workshop, designed to bring about sustainable and transformative collaborative working across business organisations and industries. Commissioned, researched and developed almost three decades ago, the C&B workshop as it has become known is still providing busy project managers and organisational leaders the practical skills and advice they need to deliver a greater level of performance and success.

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Today we are celebrating nearly 30 years in business, with international clients across a broad range of sectors. Many clients return to us as their careers develop, recognising the benefits their new teams or inherited projects will profit from. Others turn to us as their projects kick-off, when difficulties inevitably arise, or when they recognise that behaviours and mind-sets are getting in the way of performance success.

30 Years Collaborative Working Expertise:

  • 40% savings for Welsh Water over 8 years
  • Reduced construction timeframe for Sainsburys from 42 weeks to 15
  • Highways England teams secured Supply Chain Award and other team working industry recognition awards
  • Worked with 60% of UK water companies
  • Active member of the Major Projects Association
  • Member of the Government’s Alliancing Code of Practice committee the Infrastructure Client Group
  • Crown Commercial Services Supplier

Sector Expertise:




Oil & Gas

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Today most business recognise that behavioural changes rather than process improvements bring the sustainable differences that really make for long-term meaningful change. It does take time and effort but many progressive businesses are looking to make the commitment. They can rely on another 30 years’ of JCP Consultancy helping to shape high performing teams across the construction industry and beyond.

Paul Mellon

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Major Projects Association
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Institute of Civil Engineers