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The Alliancing Code of Practice and JCP

As contributors to the Government’s Code and recognised facilitators, JCP can help bring the techniques to life.

The Government has made some bold commitments to the construction industry with a long-term sustainable plan for infrastructure investment backed up with a drive to lower costs by 30% and reduce time by 50% over the next 25 years.

While that commitment brings a range of new opportunities for everyone involved, it also rings the death knell for traditional contracting which will never meet the drive for cost and time reduction.

JCP, whose 25 years’ of experience has been brought to bear in the HM Treasury’s recent Alliancing Code of Practice, recognises the balance of opportunity and change, and has tried and tested methods to help progressive companies win a piece of the opportunity and deliver better business success at the same time.

Key principles in the alliance agreement

A clear definition of how partner return will be generated and how this is aligned with project outcomes (back to back).

How incentive mechanisms will work.

How shared return arrangements will work across all alliance parties – share pain/gain.

How target costs and incentive thresholds will be set.

A no blame- no dispute approach (willful default being the only direct route to legal process).

That all parties will act fairly and on a 'Best for Project' basis.

A clear definition of the risk that will be collectively assumed by all alliance parties (and any that will be assumed by individual participants – the fewer the better).

Full open book costing.

The establishment of collective leadership teams and management groups.

Collective and unanimous decision making responsibility (with any exceptions clearly defined).

From Theory to Practice

Deciding to alliancing is the first – and biggest – milestone. The Government’s Alliancing Code of Practice poses some difficult questions to test the mettle of any organisation. JCP’s years’ of experience can help you:

  • Decide if your organisation – and leadership – are ready to alliance
  • Understand the gap between today’s reality and the future aspiration
  • Develop an action plan that sets you up for success and is deliverable and quantifiable

Preparing to alliance requires a commitment from all stakeholders, together with a clear vision of success and quantifiable milestones to reach it. The Code of Practice details many of JCP’s own case studies which help set the scene of what can be expected as organisations prepare:

JCP is a proud member of the steering committee behind the Government's Code of Practice. As recognised facilitators of the Code, and independent assessors, we can help you consider if alliancing is for you.

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