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Enhancing Performance Through Collaboration Webinar

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Collaboration and why we need it

If you need to reduce costs, deliver beyond expectations, meet strict regulatory requirements, maintain and enhance your reputation and put your business in an even stronger position for the next programme, collaboration can help. Contractors and their supply chains can benefit from efficiencies of scale, speedier delivery, increased profit and improved relationships from working collaboratively with each other.

Collaboration works through assessing behaviours, noting where change can be made and making a plan which enables teams to work together collaboratively, with the same vision and goal in mind; allowing the project to be delivered efficiently, smoothly and on time.

However, collaboration is about much more than getting the initial stages of procurements processing right. It works to develop and instil innovate and successful ways of managing a positive supply chain on complex projects with multiple party involvement.

Collaboration in the infrastructure industry

Collaboration is already delivering huge results, time savings and improved efficiencies to the infrastructure industry. In a landscape where projects are usually delivered through the talents of multiple parties, it’s particularly important to establish an environment in which teams can work together towards one shared and common goal.

We’ve already worked with major infrastructure contractors to create collaborative teams that have generated fantastic results:

Webinar topics

On behalf of the NEC, JCP’s Simon Vaughan recently hosted the ‘Enhancing Performance Through Collaboration’ webinar alongside Robert Gerrard. The webinar discussed collaborative behaviours in relation to the infrastructure industry, with topics covering:

  • What is collaboration?
  • The collaboration journey in the civil engineering and infrastructure landscape
  • The benefits of collaboration and how to achieve them with real life examples
  • Planning and preparing for collaboration
  • Enablers and tools for collaboration
  • Risk mitigation and minimising the inhibitors of collaboration
  • How adopting collaboration helps make the NEC contract more effective/efficient

Want to find out more about collaboration in the infrastructure industry? Download the Q&A sheet from the webinar to find out more about collaboration in the infrastructure industry (Credit to NEC for Q&A Document).

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