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Cooperation & Beyond: JCP Consultancy’s Transformative Tool for Successful Collaborations

JCP Consultancy has a rich history of developing practical, skills-based collaborative tools. Almost three decades ago, JCP commissioned, researched and developed the renowned Cooperation & Beyond workshop designed to bring about sustainable and transformative collaborative working across busy organisations and industries.

Then, as now, the C&B workshop as it has become known, is focused on bringing busy project managers and organisational leaders the practical skills and advice they need to deliver a greater level of performance and success. Each workshop is:

  • Based on considerable research
  • Skills-building by its nature
  • Focused on relationship development
  • Flexible to deal with a variety of situations
  • Designed to lead to immediate and specific applications of new learning

Who Benefits From JCP Consultancy’s Cooperation & Beyond?

The workshop is designed for managers and leaders who want to master the most important techniques and practices they will need most when attempting to build and manage important business relationships, particularly with preferred suppliers.

JCP Consultancy’s research and experience identified three most important techniques to focus on to bring about sustainable collaborative relationships:

  • Initiating and sustaining cooperation within and between both sides of the relationship
  • Understanding the real needs (not just the positions) of the other parties to that relationship
  • Building confidence on both sides in the relationship itself.

How does C&B help as part of a team alignment or collaborative working brief?

One good example of the way Cooperation & Beyond uniquely supports participants who are bringing teams of people together to work collaboratively, is with the difficult question of what to do when the behaviour of the other party in an important relationship is outside of acceptable limits. How can it be possible to bring the other party’s behaviour back within those limits without unduly straining the relationship itself?

This is often a most difficult maintenance aspect in many business relationships where Tier 1 and 2 suppliers and contractors are brought together to deliver important and long-term projects. It is also one of the key areas in which JCP Consultancy is most often after for support.

We start by helping participants gather & focus internal support to help when initiating or strengthening external relationships, such as those with strategic customers, or preferred suppliers. This helps to build on strong foundations for the future.

JCP Consultancy facilitators then work with individuals identify and build on key behaviours which must be mastered to initiate, build and measure the health of the relationships being formed.

Along the way, JCP Consultancy reflects the character traits which are received and perceived across teams, offering tactics to best project beneficial behaviour traits, and the skills essential to using those tactics effectively.

Participants of this highly acclaimed series of workshops leave with:

  • New skills needed to build trust
  • An understanding of the importance of sharing risks and rewards, and ways to master this within relationships
  • A personal plan to use and implement the new skills learned, primarily those focused on “feeling” activities

As a result, new collaborations are of course built on solid foundations with a shared understanding of goals and objectives, but they also benefit from the skills required to sustain the collaboration through stress, changes and unforeseen events. This means that teams brought together have a greater chance of success, throughout the longest and most challenging of projects.

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