Bright future for construction industry secured

Bright future for construction industry secured

Infrastructure Client Group’s Alliancing Code of Practice paves the way for successful delivery of future capital projects in the UK.

Progressive construction companies now have a better chance to meet and seize the commercial opportunities afforded by the Government’s bold commitments to the construction industry over the next 25 years.

The Alliancing Code of Practice, published by a sub-group of the Treasury’s Infrastructure Client Group of which JCP is a member, encourages organisations to embrace an alliancing approach, resulting in a way of working that increases the chances of programme success.

Adopting this approach could also help position organisations to secure a slice of the Government’s ambitious infrastructure investment project plan over the next two decades and meet their demands to lower costs by 30% and reduce time by 50%.

Potentially ringing the death knell for traditional contacting, the Alliancing Code of Practice promotes a series of hard-hitting characteristics that will help create, deliver and sustain a way of working that brings continuous improvement, shared benefits and capability development, all of which increase the likelihood of project success.

JCP’s Director Simon Vaughan brought his over 25 years’ experience to the Code’s development. “Deciding to take an alliancing approach is a big step and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. There is no doubt it opens up the chances to win new work, and increases the opportunities for cost and time reduction. At the same time, it also put a spotlight on those behaviours and practices that are detrimental to an organisation and its growth.

‘This Code is a practical support tool to highlight the actions that need to be completed in order to prepare for and achieve collaborative success and the cultural and behavioural changes that will also be required. I have worked alongside many organisations as they prepare to alliance and mobilise their projects. Bringing the Code to life within an organisation is still a difficult task and I am looking forward to supporting those companies who understand that an independent assessment will better help drive the changes needed and deliver the benefits that arise as a result.”

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Notes to Editor:

JCP is a member of the IUK Sub-Group Infrastructure Client Group. JCP was a member of the steering committee to develop this Code and many of the examples and case-studies referenced in the report are from JCP.

JCP specialise in helping major clients, contractors and their supply chains realise the benefits of reduced cost, speedier delivery, increased profit and improved relationships from working collaboratively with each other. They have a 91% success rate in helping clients win work. The company has worked with leading names including Network Rail, National Grid, Highways Agency, Welsh Water, London Underground and Thames Water and with Central Government including DfT, BIS, and HMT Infrastructure UK.

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