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Collaboration will play ‘key role’ in enabling HS2 to be delivered and meet stakeholder expectations says successful bidder

International collaboration and alliancing firm, JCP Consultancy (“JCP”), has been awarded the Lot 2 contract under the Collaboration Delivery Framework for the government’s HS2 project.

The contract covers both phases of the project: Phase 1, which is the line from London to the West Midlands, and Phase 2, which is the line from the West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds.

The initial contract runs over three years, with the potential for an additional two years.

“It is extremely rewarding to see that the benefits of collaboration and alliancing are being recognised by the government as they put various parts of the HS2 project out to tender,” commented JCP’s Simon Vaughan. “It demonstrates an understanding of the power that a collaborative approach can have – particularly in a huge stakeholder rich, long-term project like HS2, which involves such a varied range of contractors and interested parties from both the private and public sectors.”

Collaboration at the heart of mobilisation and alignment

Collaboration helps to put projects on a positive footing when they begin, keeps things moving as the project evolves, and improves performance. In a long-term, complex project like HS2, contractors will change, team leaders will move on, key personnel will move on and the pressures on the project from a range of external sources will be challenging to manage.

So, according to Vaughan, this is why all long-term infrastructure or change projects should include a collaborative element.

“Just as collaboration and alliancing will play a key role in HS2, so it does across all sorts of projects,” he suggests. “The times when projects run into trouble are when., over time, the pressures of tightening costs, potential delays, changed client requirements all add tension and cause people to start working individually rather than together. Approaching the project in a collaborative way, and using expert third party sources to maintain positive methods and behaviours helps the project to stay on track – focused and effective no matter what changes it encounters.”

Broad sweep of work for HS2

JCP envisions a broad range of work within its three-year contract on the HS2 project, which may include:

  • Working with leaders, delivery and commercial teams to share understanding of the project and its collaboration approach that drives commercial value.
  • Developing plans for joint team mobilisation, alignment and effectiveness.
  • Reviewing lessons learnt from previous collaboration workshops for continuous improvement.
  • Facilitating client readiness workshops for client teams.
  • Facilitating initiation workshops for joint client and contractor/supplier teams.
  • Facilitating production of key collaboration deliverables, such as relationship management plans, collaboration implementation plans, knowledge management plans and relationship performance measures.
  • Reporting on outputs and measures of success to enhance future workshops.
  • Monitoring relationship performance of teams following joint workshops.
  • Providing interventions at leadership and team level where changes are required to achieve outcomes.
  • Providing organisational design support where structural and/or management changes are required.

“This sort of support is valuable across all sectors,” concludes Vaughan. “We’ve worked with a wide range of utility and infrastructure clients both from the start of long-term projects and during projects when things are running less smoothly than was hoped – and every time, our work has resulted on an improvement in performance, kept costs down, improved delivery and changed the way that people behave. We’re real advocates for this way of working, and we’re very much looking forward to making a positive contribution towards HS2.”


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Notes to Editor:

JCP specialise in helping major clients, contractors and their supply chains realise the benefits of reduced cost, speedier delivery, increased profit and improved relationships from working collaboratively with each other. They have a 91% success rate in helping clients win work. The company has worked with leading names including Network Rail, National Grid, Highways Agency, Welsh Water, London Underground and Thames Water and with Central Government including DfT, BIS, and HMT Infrastructure UK.

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