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Collaborative approach helps to secure £650m Parliament Estate revamp for Wates

Key Behavioural Assessment Centre approach from JCP embeds collaboration into winning bid.

International alliancing and collaboration experts, JCP Consultancy (JCP) is marking a successful tender win for construction company Wates. The company has recently been selected to carry out the refurbishment work on the Northern Estate – a collection of parliamentary buildings including Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 2* listed properties with a total floor space of more than 15,300 square metres.

The project, which is worth £650m, will start in 2019 and requires a collaborative approach from all parties involved. Performance in behavioural assessment centres is often critical to project awards, making up anything from a quarter to three quarters of the total marks, and Wates asked JCP to work with the leadership and senior management team on both team and individual behavioural assessment. However, Wates also secured JCP’s support to set the foundations for sustainable behaviours for a leading team and leadership culture which, beyond securing the bid, also ensures strong foundations for mobilisation preparation.

The increasing importance of collaboration

Historically, large infrastructure and refurbishment projects have run over budget and over time. When the money involved comes from the taxpayer, ways need to be found to minimise or eliminate these over-runs. Collaboration has proved itself in both the private and public sectors, demonstrating that agreeing and embedding positive behaviours at the start of a project – and continuing to work to those behaviours throughout – often makes a fundamental difference to the overall success of a project. Evidence that this is becoming better understood across all industries is the inclusion of behavioural weighting in most project tenders.

Simon Vaughan, Managing Director at JCP said: “We are delighted to see that the work put in by the Wates team to genuinely and consistently embed collaboration into their bid has paid off. Collaboration isn’t easy – it requires commitment from the very highest levels of the organisation and an ongoing focus on positive attitudes to working – but when it works properly, projects save money, complete on time and result in better working relationships for all involved.”

Steffan Battle, Group Head of Pre-Construction at Wates commented; “Thank you JCP for the support and coaching during this important bid for Wates. We’re obviously delighted with the result but also with how quickly things now seem to be moving on the programme as a result of having already aligned on some important values and objectives”.


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JCP specialise in helping major clients, contractors and their supply chains realise the benefits of reduced cost, speedier delivery, increased profit and improved relationships from working collaboratively with each other. They have a 91% success rate in helping clients win work. The company has worked with leading names including Network Rail, National Grid, Highways Agency, Welsh Water, London Underground and Thames Water and with Central Government including DfT, BIS, and HMT Infrastructure UK.

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