JCP Case Studies | Collaborative alliancing ensures maximum efficiency for all stakeholders

Anglian Water

Collaborative alliancing ensures maximum efficiency for all stakeholders, and wins awards.

The Brief

With the regulatory body putting pressure on the water industry to make major improvements to their infrastructure, and the industry often the subject of media scrutiny on expenditure and results, Anglian Water needed to secure the best approach for a successful outcome to their AMP6 capital programme.

Specifically they wanted to establish:

  • A best-in-class team
  • Delivery on time, on budget and to the best specifications
  • A strong and cohesive team of contractors throughout the 15 year lifecycle of this major capital works programme

The Approach

Anglian Water approached JCP to help them create an alliance of contractors right across the supply chain that would share the same values - and goals - to ensure success. Having worked with JCP previously, Anglian Water had seen the benefits of deploying collaborative working practices and behaviours to drive a successful outcome.

JCP worked with the procurement team in the first instance to help them develop a process based on securing congruent partners for an alliance that would share risk and rewards and focus on successful delivery from planning to delivery.

The approach included:

  • Developing a bespoke procurement process that placed a high weighting on behavioural assessment of the bidders’ staff at all levels, from on-the-ground operatives to senior executives, with assessment methods tailored to suit.
  • Deploying assessment methods including Assessment Workshops, Behavioural Biography submissions and Leadership Team Interviews.
  • Enabling Anglian Water to clearly communicate their needs to the market place in terms of how they will need people to behave to meet the future challenges of the project.

JCP worked closely with Anglian Water to facilitate each stage of the appointment strategy to ensure the right partners were selected in a fair, transparent and collaborative way.

The Result

  • Added value to all stakeholders and customers through a best-in-class team of alliance partners, united by a focus on ten key outcomes, designed to ensure successful delivery.
  • A platform to realise efficiency, and thus cost, savings throughout the supply chain through the early forging of partner relationships which ensures the teams can share ideas and innovations faster, realising earlier benefits for all.
  • Greater confidence from the regulator as the overall risk of the project has been reduced.
  • The process has also helped Anglian Water to identify upcoming issues and potential rewards for new alliances.
  • Winners of the Supply Chain Excellence Award at the Utility Awards 2017.
Utility Awards 2017

Looking Forward

  • JCP will continue to support Anglian Water through the appointment of new alliance members to the AMP6 project.
  • JCP has also, crucially, begun supporting the alliance teams in strategising for, and through, the delivery of the project, ensuring the collaborative values, behaviours and working practices are maintained as they plan and begin their task.
  • Knowing that alliances can be tested by external as well as internal factors, JCP updates the team with timely reminders of the tools and techniques they learned during the alliance building stage to help keep the programme on track.
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"JCP has helped us draw together a high performance alliance to deliver a variety of very significant projects for us. We will be delivering maximum efficiency and satisfaction for our customers by working closely with partners to drive innovation that will transform our business. The JCP team has been active in each stage of our appointment strategy, and we’re grateful for their support. I am confident the process has helped us select the right partners - those who share our vision, and are committed to the outcomes we’ve established are critical to the delivery of our AMP6 business plan."

Jason Tucker, Head of Capital Delivery at Anglian Water

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