JCP Case Studies | Sharing Expertise: A Wide Range of Courses for the Philips Purchasing University

Philips Purchasing University Case Study

Sharing expertise: A wide range of courses for the Philips Purchasing University.

The Brief

Philips Purchasing University (PPU) is a dedicated resource within Philips that works with its Purchasing teams to promote principled negotiation, collaborative skills, the ability to foster long-term relationships, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

We were initially approached by PPU to provide a negotiation course for senior buyers. They wanted to look not only at the hands-on mechanics of negotiation, but also explore the value of long-term cooperative relationships with supply chain partners.

  • A best-in-class team
  • Delivery on time, on budget and to the best specifications
  • A strong and cohesive team of contractors throughout the 15 year lifecycle of this major capital works programme

The Approach

Our training packages are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, focusing on work that stimulates and nurtures cooperative relationships and practices.

Specifically, we:

  • Built a dedicated negotiation training package, 'Managing Supplier Relationships' which we piloted with with a group of senior Philips managers over 5 days
  • Produced a another shorter course for new and junior buyers – a two-day module which was attended by delegates from Philips' purchasing divisions worldwide
  • Worked with PPU and its purchasing teams to build-in ethical purchasing decisions rather than tricks and traps, helping them to build beneficial and honest relationships with suppliers.

Looking Forward

The initial high level course was seen as so successful that we rolled out a 2 day version of the training across senior buyers.

Since our relationship with PPU began, we have also worked with some of their partners and clients, including Heineken and Unilever.

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