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Collaborative Working in the Water Industry

A better way to success - we bring improved results to long and short term water programmes and projects.

Industry leaders are fixing the legacy of under investment or past bad investment decisions, while balancing the day job of meeting the needs of customer, stakeholders and shareholders. At the same time as addressing sustainability challenges and endeavouring to maintain an asset which protects the environment and makes a positive contribution to reducing carbon.

Which is why many organisations are recognising there is a need for greater collaboration in the water industry, both internally and across the supply chain.

The effort and passion which is enabling the shift to collaborative working and behavioural change is delivering a profound change in water industry performance; within and across internal teams, water companies, and complex supply chains.

JCP's strategies for performance improvement, team alignment and authentic leadership have, over 30 years, delivered better business success to a range of companies.

Dale Evans
Director @One Alliance, Anglian Water

Dale Evans
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One of the reasons we created an alliance was because we wanted the benefits of integration with partner organisations to constantly drive us forward, bringing new ideas, new practices.

We've been able to challenge our alliances to deliver some fairly audacious goals; in a collaborative arrangement we get a constructive and progressive response, we don't get a defensive contractual response, and that's a fundamental difference.

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Affinity Water logo

Affinity Water

JCP helped implement a collaborative approach during Affinity Water’s Mains Cleaning Programme which improved performance and delivery.

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Thames Water

Award-winning collaboration approach results in 20% savings in procurement process.

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Anglian Water

Anglian Water approached JCP to help them create an alliance of contractors right across the supply chain that would share the same values - and goals - to ensure success.

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Meeting the challenges of today's water industry; JCP can help with:

2017/18 Performance:
Halfway through AMP6

Have the planned level of efficiencies been delivered? Have performance improvements been sustained? Do the necessary alignments between supply chain T2 and beyond exist?

For continuous improvement strategies and ongoing team engagement click here.

2018/19 Strategy,
Planning and Aligning for AMP7

Will your strategic plan and preparation deliver a realistic and deliverable PR19 business plan that is acceptable to the Regulator, meets customer expectations and delivers shareholder returns within agreed risk profiles?

For strategies to increase organisational capacity and personal capabilities within and across water companies, click here.

2019 and Beyond.
Aligning and transforming for the new world

Do you have the right partners? Are you ready to make the most of them with the right behaviours, the best leadership, the right structure and the best culture to be ready for a further step change in delivery?

For strategies to enable adaptable and agile behaviours, and to embed behaviours and change within different parts of water organisations who are at different levels of maturity of thinking, click here.

Why collaboration works

Simon Vaughan explains why people chose JCP to help them with all aspects of their project delivery.

"We work with people who have considerable challenges with their regulators, their customers or their supply chain. People who are under pressure from stakeholders and shareholders to deliver more for less."

JCP brings results through:

Change Management

Individual, team and organisational behavioural change delivers better business outcomes. We help teams and leaders to determine change readiness and to develop the capability and capacity to lead and manage change.

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Team Alignment

Embedding organisational and industry changes through aligned and sustained team behaviours.

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Assessment Centres

Bespoke frameworks and methodology to determine individual, team and organisational alignment around the behaviours required to drive the business forward.

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Authentic Leadership

Support to develop leadership skills based on the importance of developing trust, building relationships and creating a positive and open environment for individuals and teams to deliver projects, programmes and business which exceeds expectations.

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