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Assessment Centres in the Water Industry

Project success is more likely when all partners, from clients to suppliers are aligned around clear goals and expectations – and share the same values.

Increasingly today’s businesses and industry leaders are turning to turning to collaborative working as a better way to ensure programme success than relying on traditional contracting methods.

Which makes the emphasis on assessment centres as a tool to understand the propensity for individuals and teams to adapt and collaborate more important than ever.

JCP supports clients to better understand the attributes leaders and managers of the business require from individuals and teams to deliver projects, programmes and better business outcomes. We work with organisations to help them deliver outstanding projects and programmes by understanding how to choose the right partners. These partners must have the right attitudes and behaviours to enable effective collaborative performance.

Through a range of tools we work with you to identify areas of best practice and where improvement is required in order to create the best line-up for your programme. Ensuring robust, measurable and tested behaviours and processes from the very beginning is vital to your long-term success.

Top Tips to Consider to be Ready to Collaborate

There are many things to consider as you embark on the collaborative journey. Here government adviser and senior member of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority Keith Waller details his top actions.

Behavioural Assessment Centre Planning Includes:

Behavioural assessment procurement advice

How do you find the right partners?

Behavioural assessment process design

A varied and fresh process underpinned by a tried and tested methodology

Assistance with RFP and ITT writing

Sending the right messages and expectations to bidders

Input on written response questions

Asking the right questions

Assessment of bidder responses

Are the right views and attitudes being evidenced?

Assessment of CVs

Are you getting the right people?

Design and facilitation of Behavioural Assessment workshops

Professional events that run smoothly, are engaging, fair and robust

Design facilitation of assessment interviews

Getting the most out of valuable face-to-face time with senior bid-team members

Production of client and bidder feedback materials

Learning the lessons and capturing key issues for mobilisation and delivery

Team assessment through use of models and measures such as Belbin, Building Effective Relationships and FIRO B

Building the right team, person by person

As well as working on the client-side we also use our expertise to help bidder organisations prepare for behavioural assessments, unlocking the value of collaboration in winning complex bids.

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