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JCP in the Water Sector

Team Alignment and Behavioural Workshops in the Water Industry

What does a successful project look like? How will you deliver it?

We help you to create environments that promote successful collaborative working and improve the motivation and productivity of your team members.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, JCP gives every member of the team the key skills and behaviours they will need to meet and exceed your expectations. Through a variety of workshops, assessments, training and facilitated action planning, we build high performing teams where:

  • Expectations and goals are clear to all
  • People have a common view on how they should be working with each other
  • People have the skills to put that way of working into practice
  • Blockers and boundaries are tested, silos are broken down and collaboration works across both organisational and geographical frontiers
  • People act with clear joint goals in mind
  • People support each other in the achievement of these aims
  • People are encouraged to constructively challenge accepted ways of working

Why Collaborate: The benefits behind collaborative working

Hear from senior leaders about the advantages and benefits they have seen – both personally and within their organisation – as a result of working collaboratively.

JCP’s Practical Support Includes:

Collaboration workshops

Ensuring everyone understands collaboration and new ways of working

Behavioural skills workshops

Giving people the skills to put theory into practice

Culture and organisational change programmes

Helping to create the right environment

Effective communication and meetings training

Fine tuning behaviours for high performance

Collaborative negotiation training

Making commercial decisions about win/win rather than win/lose

Value engineering and continuous improvement programmes

Identifying how we can improve, and keep on improving

Facilitation of task and finish teams

Helping people to get things done day-to-day

Successful JCP projects

Affinity Water logo

Affinity Water

JCP helped implement a collaborative approach during Affinity Water’s Mains Cleaning Programme which improved performance and delivery.

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Thames Water logo

Thames Water

Award-winning collaboration approach results in 20% savings in procurement process.

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Test Yourself : Test your Organisation

How prepared is your organisation to collaborate with others?

Here’s a chance to gain an insight into the readiness of you and your organisation to achieve collaborative success.

Partnerships & Memberships

Major Projects Association
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Institute of Civil Engineers