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Is your project suffering due to a conflicting workforce? Are you struggling with changing priorities, a moving playing field on budgets and time? Could you achieve better results if your teams or supply chain were working in harmony? Do you worry it could be behaviours rather than processes that are holding you back?

Making the shift towards collaborative working could help you make the breakthrough you are looking for. Teams with a shared vision and objectives, who work in an environment of mutual trust and respect, are the ones which find the transformative and sustainable results they are looking for.

How to begin working collaboratively

It’s about doing rather than talking. It requires people to makes decisions, face up to and call out ambiguity of responsibility and accountability. It’s a process which addresses the fundamental issues of trust and risk taking and goes deeper into the supply chain to enable each team member to feel part of the bigger movement.

Through a process of assessing current behaviours, understanding where leading behaviours are already making an impact and where challenging behaviours are holding you back, a plan for action emerges. This enables teams to work towards the same vision, share the same priorities and agree on the improvements that need to be made. JCP Consultancy has a range of tools, workshops and processes which help get to the heart of the matter, deep within the organisation, and quickly sets you on a route for programme improvements.

Why collaborate?

When teams or companies work together they will always achieve better results and outcomes. Using collaborative methods to bring teams together, you can unlock a wealth of benefits:

  • Reduction in waste and duplication which results in reduced costs and the ability to meet or exceed timescale expectations
  • Unleash the full potential of the team, allowing them to think outside the box and challenge the delivery approach to deliver beyond expectations
  • Remove hostility and defensiveness by creating an environment for more constructive and progressive responses, allowing you to maintain and enhance your reputation
  • Increased profitability and efficiencies of scale by making outcomes more deliverable and the consistency of approach better
  • Increasing the appeal of the industry and your organisation to the next generation as well as investors
  • Meet strict regulatory requirements to avoid hefty fines and a damaged reputation
  • Define a more agile delivery model which puts your business in an even stronger position for the next programme

Top tips to consider to be ready to collaborate

Meeting the challenges of collaborative working

You may have identified a need for collaboration and understood the benefits but introducing collaborative behaviours into your team and supply chain isn’t always easy. Hear from senior leaders in some of the UK’s top infrastructure firms and find out how they made their collaborations work.

Why Collaborate the
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Opening quote

We have procured an option to offer the longest contract term ever awarded by Thames Water. Rather than taking a purely commercial and technical approach, we have focused on behaviour by putting our people and our partners' people through interviews, site visits and workshops. This process has reduced the procurement process from up to 18 months to four and has significantly lowered the cost of bidding for the bidders involved.

Tim Coles, Head of Capital Procurement at Thames Water

Closing quote

Read about the Award-winning collaboration approach which resulted in 20% savings in the procurement process.

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