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Collaboration: Myth vs Reality

A collaborative approach to working, particularly in the construction industry, has moved from concept to reality in recent years. Inevitably, many misconceptions have grown up in that time too.

Here’s a few comments or beliefs that we commonly address:

Collaboration is easy

Quite the opposite. Collaboration is challenging. That’s why it’s a conscious choice to work this way and why you and your organisation have to be ready

Collaboration is something for nothing

Actually it needs investment. In terms of resource, time and effort as well as budget at times

Collaboration is just agreeing with each other

Definitely not. It creates an environment where challenge is desired, where ambiguity is called-out and where taking personal responsibility is expected. There is no room for false agreements or short-term compromises in a collaborative environment

Collaboration is a panacea for all organisational challenges

Certainly collaboration puts in place a method where organisational issues can be raised and addressed and a clear strategy and plan put in place

Simon Vaughan recently took part in an NEC webinar ‘Enhancing Performance through Collaboration’ where he addressed many of the questions and discussion points from almost 200 listeners.

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